The enterprise

Michel works under the trade name Travès & Porteur. He works in France and abroad for the design and development of your interior.

With more than 30 years of experience, he is a qualified professional who provides you with various services such as the design of your space, offering studies, mock-up plans and home layout plans.

In collaboration with the tradesmen ( electrician, plumber and painter ), he ensures your interior design project from A to Z in order to provide you with a turnkey home.

He carries out a personalised study for the design and production of designer furniture and accessories.

Specialised in the research and production of patinated concrete furniture and floors giving each room a unique character.

For any additional information concerning the layout of your interior, call on the services of Travès & Porteur who has conducted a long and ardent research, research that has led him to develop new, innovative techniques.

Interior designer

Master of concrete, creator of patinated concrete floors and furniture, Travès & Porteur gives each room a unique, exclusive character.
Travès & Porteur designs the interior architecture, reflects on the living or working space up to the project’s complete realization.

Home layout

 Design conception

 Interior decoration

Design of the space

Redevelopment of living rooms

 Project implementation


Creation of designer furniture

Wall surfaces