The way of the « Simiot »

I am a ” Simiot ” !
What’s that?

Hush ! . . . , We hear it, we feel it,  it is inside us, it is us . . .
In the silence and in the noise my espadrilles carry
me amongst this unusual army, fingernails a little blackened.

I am a child of ” Batère ” and of the “cascaballada”.
A feature of this danse is that during the music a sort of trill forces the dansers to change steps.
It’s the ” faux pas ” which reminds the recruits that they can always make a getaway.

The ” pas à pas “, like an existential Boléro, of trampling in retreat, of an urgence that arises,
of those who watch closely for a rage to gnaw.

These traces, like so many writings, and cross outs,
show us the way in which the infinite manifests itself in the world, whilst remaining invisible

They are, therefore, essentially ambiguous and enigmatic.
They speak of something that is no longer there.

They are unable to be tangible evidence that indicate
a passage which was impossible to witness.

Miquel Pallarès

Michel Pallarès in his workshop